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    1.Each student must have a homework journal.

    2.Pupils should be in the School Yard at 8.50a.m. for commencement of morning classes and at 1.50p.m. for afternoon classes. If the pupil is unavoidably late he should bring a brief note of explanation from his parents.

    3.Absenteeism greatly hinders progress. If for any reason your son is absent, written notification must be sent to the school via the homework journal.

    4.Permission for foreseen absences for half-days should be obtained on the previous day from the Year Head by means of a note from Parents in the school journal.

    5.Dental appointments, etc. should, as far as possible, be arranged for times outside school hours.

    6.If you feel that some details of your sons temperament, background, health, etc. would help his teachers to understand him better, please let us know.

    7.It is advisable that Parents keep themselves informed of their sonís progress. An appointment to meet his teachers should be made by writing or telephoning the school Secretary (0502) 22849 during school hours.

    8.Parent Teacher meeting are held during the year. School progress reports are issued at Christmas and Summer.

    9.Part-Time employment during the school year should not be allowed to interfere with your sonís progress at school.

    10.Pupils should not take up holiday employment until all end of term examinations are over.

             11.Where sanctions such as detention or suspension are involved for breaches of school rules     or discipline parents will normally be notified of such in writing by the school authorities     

          12. In the interests of health and safety, the wearing of jewelry by students is not permitted.  

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